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7 Reasons Why a High Quality, Academic-Based Preschool Matters for Your Child

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead. 1st graders who start ahead in reading read 3 times as many words per minute by the end of the 3rd grade. (150 words per minute compared to 40 words per minute)

2. Proficiency

icon-proficiencyResearch shows that one of the greatest predictors of high school graduation and college acceptance is reading proficiency in 3rd grade.

3. School Readiness

icon-readinessStudies show that one of the most important predictors of 3rd grade test performance is school readiness at kindergarten entry.

4. Reading

icon-readingBy 5th grade, children in the 10th percentile read 50,000 words a year while children in the 90th percentile read around 4.5 million words a year.

5. Success

icon-successA child’s educational success is one of the most important indicators of economic success later in their life.

6. Test Scores

icon-testscores63% of Utah 4th Graders in 2013 scored below proficient on National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading test.

7. Development

icon-development85% of a child’s brain development occurs before they turn five years old.

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As a parent and a US Congresswoman representing Utah, I know the importance of an early childhood education. That’s why I chose to send all 3 of my children to preschool at Avondale Academy.Mia Love, United States Congress

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