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After School Programs

Innovations Dance (Ages 3-18)

Innovations Dance strives to empower each dancer with a solid technical foundation while working to instill the principles of discipline, integrity, and modesty in their everyday lives.  www.innovationsdance.com Learn More 

Up With Kids (Ages 4-17)

Up With Kids is a non-profit musical theater academy where kids ages 4-17 act, sing, and dance their way through your favorite classic fairy tales, with an original twist. Every child is a star with scripts that are customized to ensure that each child gets a unique part with speaking lines and a personality to develop. www.upwithkids.com  Learn More 

Timp Karate (Ages 3-adult)

We train hard at age appropriate levels in developing mental and physical strength, self discipline and moral character.  We desire to build better citizens, family members and people in all areas of life. www.timpkarate.com

Fitness Classes (Adults)

Physical fitness can improve the quality of life for anyone willing to make the commitment. Health and wellness in all aspects of life is not only a personal commitment, it is my passion!


The Up With Kids program emphasizes “All Star” acting, where every child is a star. Scripts are tailored to accommodate the students, ensuring that every child is cast in their own unique role with speaking lines and a personality to develop.

Audition techniques are taught, but auditions are never held for our productions. We promote a spirit of cooperation and teamwork rather than competition.  The All Star acting approach promotes a positive experience for every student, where confidence and self-esteem are developed through involvement in the performing arts. At Up With Kids, every child is a star!

You can learn more about Up With Kids at www.upwithkids.com


UpSwings (Preschool – First Grade) 4:30-5:30
UpBeats (Second – Fourth Grade) 5:30-6:30
Upper Class (Fifth Grade and Up) 6:30-7:30

Director: Lori Baca
Email: misslori@upwithkids.com
Phone: 801-709-4191
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UpSwings (Preschool – First Grade) 3:00-4:00
UpBeats (Second – Fourth Grade) 4:00-5:00
Upper Class (Fifth Grade and Up) 5:00-6:00

Director: Shauna Livingston
Email: missshauna@upwithkids.com
Phone: 801-568-1277
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