Fall 2023-24 Registration Opens Jan 1, 2023.

Fall 2022-23 Preschool Registration Closed.

Avondale Academy of Saratoga Springs

1417 Lake View Terrace Rd, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045. Phone: (801) 766-4584

Avondale Preschool Academy

Avondale Preschool in Saratoga Springs is Utah County’s premier academic-based preschool.

Avondale’s nationally recognized reading program was developed locally by Jennifer M Jones M.S. and is now used by more than 150 preschools nation wide.

Avondale’s comprehensive pre-k curriculum incorporates a balanced literacy approach that combines both phonics and whole language as well as a renowned art, math, science and music program.

Because a great education starts early. You will want to enroll your little one today.  We offer classes for 2-5 years old. Enrollment begins with toddlers who turn 2 before September 1st.

  • Proven, academic-based curriculum prepares for Kindergarten
  • Take-home reading library with a balanced literacy approach
  • Smart Board Technology integrated into every classroom
  • Tri Weekly Assessments
  • Parent Portal that allows you access to resources used in our classrooms.
  • Music and art program fosters creativity and a love for the arts
  • Class size of just 12 students guarantees personal attention
  • Mid Year Parent Teacher Conferences
  • End of year graduation program complete with cap and gown
  • 15 years in business with experienced and caring instructors
  • Dance & karate classes immediately following preschool

Saratoga Springs, UT

Avondale Academy Preschool
1417 Lake View Terrace Rd,
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
(801) 766-4584

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Early Preschool (2yr)

Our 2 year old curriculum has been designed to provide a creative, fun, social interactive experience for your child.  Our bright, cheery, colorful classrooms are designed to stimulate your toddlers creativity.  Learn More

Preschool (3yr)

Avondale’s 3 year old preschool curriculum lays the foundation for your child’s pre-kindergarten year by focusing on pre-emergent reading and writing skills. Learn More

Pre-Kindergarten (4yr)

Our four year old curriculum has been designed to provide an academic based learning experience incorporating a balanced literacy approach to reading…” Learn More

Pre-K Creative Dance-A Division of Innovations Dance Academy

At Avondale Academy we offer creative dance classes immediately following preschool. Adding a dance class to your preschools schedule will allow for your preschooler to gain a love of dance and creative movement. Learn More 

Avondale preschool teachers begin learning the “Avondale” teaching methods by observing and co-teaching with our seasoned teachers.  After extensive time teaching/observing they are then provided with a five day teacher training in the summer to ensure they are prepared to teach the Avondale Preschool Curriculum.  They also attend in-services throughout the year where they will receive further training on needed classroom subjects.

It is important that every child enrolled receives the same learning opportunities. Therefore as you tour or visit our school you will notice that all our 3 year old classes as well as our 4 year old classes will be learning the same daily concepts each preschool day.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that our teachers feel calm, organized, and prepared for each day of class.  Beginning in 2014 our curriculum went digital and is now offered electronically.  As a result our teachers are now incorporating the use of technology in the classrooms. Our students LOVE this new addition to the classrooms.

Your child will have a chance to meet their preschool teacher at Back to School that is held the week before school begins.

Avondale Preschool hires loving, kind and educated teachers so you will feel comfortable and secure about leaving your child in our care.

Avondale Preschool follows the Alpine School District Calendar.

We will be closed the same days that Alpine school district is closed.

Avondale Preschool will provide parents with a monthly calendar so you will be aware of our upcoming events and holidays.

Should you have additional questions concerning our schedule please don’t hesitate to call us.

At Avondale Preschool we offer several holiday celebrations throughout the school year.

Our first celebration of the year is our Halloween Parade where parents are invited into the school to watch our preschoolers parade through our dance studios in their costumes.  The students will then sing some “spooky” Halloween songs for their loved ones.

At Christmas parents are again invited to come for our sing-in where our preschoolers will present some fun songs to get you in the holiday spirit.

We also have in class parties for Thanksgiving, Valentines, St. Patricks Day and Easter.

You won’t want to miss our “Graduation Programs” held the 3rd week of May.  4 year old preschool students will graduate in cap and gown.  They will read a book on the level that they leave reading in preschool.  3 year old preschool students will wear sunday best. They will sing a solo/duet.  Parents and grandparents are invited to attend graduation.

What Parents Say About Avondale Academy

Avondale Preschool is possibly the best choice I’ve made thus far in starting my child’s education. Ari is an only child, so not only has Avondale given him an incredible start academically, it has also given him a great opportunity to make friends. I love that everyday after school, my little boy comes home excited to share what he’s learned that day, and continue practicing at home. This has been an amazing experience for both of us and I highly recommend Avondale to all of my friends with young children.

Kristen W.Stephanie Bates

Our daughter is always so excited to go to preschool. She loves her teacher. We’ve been surprised at how much she has learned. We definitely recommend Avondale Academy. It’s a great school!Ben Inglish
Avondale Academy has been so great for my 3 year old. It’s fun, comfortable, and structured for her. We will be signing up again for her and her little brother in the future. Thanks!!Amberly Fullmer

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