This is the 4th year we’ve had a child at Little Scholars and we’re looking forward to having all our children go through the school. I am so pleased with how much they learn and how excited they are about coming to school each week. We love Avondale Preschool!Darcelle Bromley

Hear what parents have to say about their experience at Avondale Preschool.

As a former elementary teacher, it was very important for me to find a preschool for my child with a good solid curriculum. I love Avondale Preschool’s curriculum. I especially like the reading program in which reading is taught using both a phonetic and holistic approach. Also, skills are taught using a variety of different methods, which caters to all types of learning styles. At Avondale Preschool, my child is encouraged to excel, and has also developed a great love for learning. Thanks Avondale Preschool!

M. Eldredge

Great Job! We love your school and are thankful for what you’ve done for our kids!The Author
Love, Love, Love this school. Don’t change a thing!The Author
Alex loved coming to preschool. We love the classes and teachers…especially the reading program.  Wonderful school! Wonderful Teachers!The Author
Very pleased with all the teachers and staff here. Super sweet and helpful.The Author
Keep up the great work!Alexanders
Thank you so much!! My child really enjoyed going to preschool all this year. Keep up the great work!!A grateful mom
As a mom I am so impressed with the attention and one on one time the children receive. Absolutely proud of how much my daughter has learned.The Author
We have loved this school! Thank you!The Author
Thank you for spending time with Alyssa and helping her develop. We are so amazed with her language development and her new love of letters and numbers!The French’s
We love Avondale Preschool. We have had the best teachers who really seem to care about our kids.Nicole Breinharet
Great program! Wonderful curriculum. Thanks for the experience.Jen Krull
We have been so thankful for everything this year. Avondale Preschool is an awesome program!The Author
I love Avondale Preschool. My son has learned so much, and I hope that when my other son comes he learns just as much. The teachers are the most and respectful people I know and the the proof is in the fact that our daughter can’t wait to get to school and is sad when she leaves! You folks at Avondale Preschool have made learning fun….very effective!The Author
The graduation program was darling! Way to go.Cyeates Tayaunas Gradmother
Avondale Preschool has been a wonderful preschool experience. I loved the reading program and how they were taught using the songs.The Author
We love it here! In a year full of change this was a constant place that Tayauna loved. Always coming home singing a new song or having a darling art project. Kudos to a teacher who was perfect for my daughter. Thank you for the loving and welcoming environment.Jordan and Kyra Yeates
We have loved this school!! Thank you!The Author
Keep up the great work!Alexanders
What can I say! I love Avondale Preschool and will miss everyone here. My daughter been here for 2 years and she is prepared for Kindergarten, my job is already done! I love everything about the school, programs but most of all the care and love you all give to the children. God bless you all and continue the great education you share everyday!Flores-Villalobos
We really enjoyed the program here and Mrs. Allen. We appreciated all her hard work and look forward to another year in the fall. My daughter really enjoys coming every week and on school days wakes up every morning, telling me it’s her school day. (it’s the first thing out of her mouth).The Author
This is the best preschool ever! I’ve had my other kids in different preschools and none come close to being this fantastic! I’ve submitted the name for an award with the state.C Worthen
Bracken always knows things and when I ask him where he learned them he says “preschool”.The Author
Thank you for helping make school such a positive place!The Author
This is a wonderful preschool, beautiful location, teachers etc. My Granddaughter loved it. Thanks for helping her read.The Author
This was my “baby’s” last year at preschool, which mean my last year at Avondale Preschool/Avondale. I have so enjoyed coming here 3 times a week for the last four years. Both of my children Lily and Gabe have always loved coming here. The teachers have been wonderful. I love you all.Stacy Morris
I am very happy with my daughters experience at Avondale Preschool. I know she will be well prepared for kindergarten, if not well ahead of other kids. Thanks for the great year.The Author
Coming to Avondale Preschool improved my daughter in so many ways. She grew academically, socially and has increased confidence in herself. Thank you!Kathryn North
I loved the friendliness of this preschool! Everyone is so nice and caring. Thanks so much for the hard work you all do for the parents and kids. Our experience has been wonderful! Thanks again.The Reeds
Thank you so much!! My child really enjoyed going to preschool all this year. Keep up the great work!!A grateful mom
Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an amazing job you did with my sons class. He has learned so much this year. Thank you for an amazing year. We are planning on seeing you again in a year and will suggest you to others we know. Thank you!The Greenwood Family
We are thankful for the foundation of knowledge you’ve given Savannah. She had such a great time! Thank you also for the wonderful graduation program.The Wybrows
A very nice graduation program. It is not an easy task to pull these off, but you did a great job. Thank you!Connors Grandma
We have loved the teachers here! They are so patient and thoughtful. Ezra has really loved her and he has opened up during his stay.Vivian Oramoas
Can’t wait for next year.The Hansons
I was very impressed with the curriculum.. I’m just sorry that we came to the area so late in the year. I wish I had one more year of preschool! I have already used word of mouth to sing the praises of Avondale Preschool.Caudice Mallicoat
Avondale Preschool has been so wonderful. I am so grateful for all the teachers here and for how loving they are towards the kids. We are looking forward to preschool next year but will miss the school when my daughter graduates. Thank you.Lindsey Brown
You all did a fantastic job. This is a great program!!We are very grateful for this great start to our daughter’s education.Miki and Floavio Martins
Love, love, love this preschool. By far the best around!The Author
This is Tyler’s second year at Avondale Preschool and we’ve enjoyed it all. Tyler’s social ability has dramatically increased, as well as his academic. We’ve looking forward to his 4 year class! Thanks you!Joe, Mary, and Tyler Chan
Thank you so much!!! My child really enjoyed going to preschool all this year. I could tell that he loved being at Mrs. Harman class. Keep up the great work!!A grateful mom
Mrs. Harman is the best teacher ever. Chanel was “difficult” kid before. Mrs. Harman helped her by calling her “angel” Chanel responded so well to her. Thank you for helping Chanel have more confidence.

H Johnson

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